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Dee is accepting new grooming clients as of January 2021.

Dee Valstar graduated from the Apex Academy of Professional Grooming and Animal Arts- Assistant Groomer Program in May 2014.

Grooming prices will vary depending on the breed, the size and the condition of the dog’s coat. We are taking appointments from Monday through Friday. (No weekend grooming) Grooming appointment times are 11:00am, 1:30pm & 3:00pm. Please call or text to book a grooming appointment.

Services include a warm water massage bath with a Nature’s Specialty’s shampoo and conditioner regime customized to your pet. Nails are trimmed, and ears are cleaned. Pets are then dried completely. Short haired pets are brushed to help minimize excessive shedding while coated pets are combed and styled to your specifications.

Your pet is pampered with the finest all-natural products. We work in a safe and relaxing environment, where sedatives are NEVER used unless prescribed by your veterinarian. We offer quality products and services and most of all we strive to assure your pet’s comfort in a stress-free environment!

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