New Client Screening Policy

We are so blessed to have such a large clientele with such great dogs- large and small!

To continue to offer great service and keep our guests safe we have decided to implement a new policy;

We will be screening all dogs with regards to “aggressive” tendencies. We will not be accepting dogs that have aggressive tendencies towards other dogs and/or people. If a dog shows aggressiveness towards other dogs- that said dog will not be allowed to stay with us. 

All new clients will undergo a series of questions by Dee regarding their pet and his/her behaviors. In some cases- trial stays may be necessary before boarding dogs for longer than 3 days. This is to ensure the safety of all of our guests!

Intact or un-casterated male dogs over one year of age are not accepted at Dee’s Kennels. Intact or un-spayed females will be accepted provided the owner has dates of last heat.