New Client Screening Policy

We operate a HIGHLY social kennel that allows lots of interaction, play time and long walks that our guests (and dog owners) LOVE! However, we recognize that not all dogs do well in this environment, therefore we have implemented the following policy;

All new dogs to our boarding facility will be required to complete and pass a 2 day “trial stay”.        Trial stays are typically booking 3 months in advance! Copies of vaccination certificates are required to complete a trial stay booking- so please text a screenshot or have vet email copies to

Trial Stays are booked by appointment on Mondays/Tuesdays or Tuesdays/Wednesdays ONLY.                    **No weekend trial stays **No trial stays during holiday weeks, long weekend Mondays and during April/May due to environmental conditions and calving season.

Drop off is 8:30 am      Pick Up is 5:30 pm   Cost: $70/dog                                                                        Trial Stays allow us to evaluate behavior tendencies to ensure all of our guests have the best stay possible!

Behaviors that we are evaluating include but are not limited to;

  • separation anxiety
  • kennel anxiety
  • aggressiveness towards other dogs
  • food/toy aggression
  • possessiveness
  • climbing and digging tendencies
  • extreme fearfulness of new people  
  • self mutilation

We have a ZERO tolerance for aggressive tendencies towards other dogs and/or people. 

***Intact or un-casterated male dogs over one year of age are not accepted at Dee’s Kennels.  

***Intact females that are in heat or estrus will not be accepted